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(928) 855-4898
2921 Maricopa Ave.
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406

"specializing in satisfaction!"

Cindyrellaz Hair Salon - Hair, Nails & More


 Thank you for visiting the CindyRella’z hair salon website click here for a five dollar off coupon - If you are looking for the most comfortable, feel at home salon in Lake Havasu - look no further! CindyRella'z is the only Southside salon - We "Specialize in Satisfaction" and take pride in having something for everyone!

 Onda is our licensed barber; she has been a men's barber for over 40 years. Onda is here from 8 to 12 Monday - Thursday, customers appreciate her thoroughness and expertise.

 Kim is our licensed nail and pedicure technician. She has been servicing Lake Havasu for over 15 years and is available by appointment Tuesday - Saturday from 8-5. Kim specializes in pedicures for MEN and women with medical disabilities such as diabetes.

  Chani has been licensed and serving lake Havasu in this same location for over 15 years. Chani is a real card and enjoys roller sets, perms and color for all hairstyles. 

 Cindy has been licensed for over 30 years, spending most of her career behind the chair in Texas, with the exception of the last 5 years here in Lake Havasu. Cindy specializes in men’s cuts and long hair. She has a knack for kid’s haircuts and her customers appreciate the warm southern hospitality she brings to each and every one of them.

  At CindyRella’z Hair Salon we take pride in our clients being completely satisfied! Whatever it takes! Whether it be a manicure, acrylics, pedicure, a men’s style, barber cut , kids cut, women’s style or even something not mentioned here.

Formerly Beauty by Barbara
(928) 855-4898
2921 Maricopa Ave.
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406
Walk ins Welcome!

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